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TOMBOLA sofinsThe President of the Cercle de l’Arbalète presents the tombola

The objective of this tombola is to collect funds for the associations which help the wounded soldiers and the families of the soldiers who died in combat.

The prizes of this tombola are at the image of the components of the Special Forces and the GIGN the Cercle de l’Arbalète has had the honor of serving for the last 10 years; prizes out of the ordinary, totally unexpected, extraordinary and totally immersive!

If you want to live one of the 4 experiences proposed by these exceptional units, then we welcome you in our special world!

By choosing your prize, you will participate in a friendly ranking between these 4 experiences… Which prize will be the most requested by you?

Is it the army’s? the navy’s? the air force’s? the gendarmerie’s?

At the end of this first tombola, each of the 4 components will be able to give to its own association the funds it will have generated by convincing you to choose its prize! The stakes are high!

You decide which prize will be the most sought after!

Benoît de Saint Sernin